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  • Space Operating Hours

    Fall 2023

    Monday to Thursday 10 am to 4 pm (In-Person)
    Friday 10 am to 4 pm (Virtually via Email)

    Follow us on social media @UICGSC.

    To contact the GSC, send email to

  • Welcome! We're glad you're here.

    We are passionate about our mission to create a more inclusive campus and catalyze positive social change. Through innovative programs, interactive workshops, special events, and the sharing of resources, we challenge heteronormativity and transphobia to promote deeply engaged and life affirming thinking, learning, and action.

    We serve students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members throughout Chicago of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations.

    Let’s work together to make a difference.

Upcoming Events Heading link

Nov 15 2023
Checker board, and split colored yellow and cyan background.Top left corner GSC logo. Top right corner has co-sponsor Social Gaming Club logo. Centered at top is title, “Board Game Social” then “November 15th, 2023”, Time: “4:00 pm-6:00 pm” Location: “Behavioral Sciences Building rooms 181 and 183”. The text box is shaped like a Nintendo switch with detached controls. There is a RSVP QR code to “” on a card shaped box. On a spinner wheel, the arch is divided into fifths. Each section has text. Bottom to top: “Free Food”, “New friends”, “Fun Games, and “All Welcome”. In the middle section, there is a rainbow star. The bottom left says there’s wheelchair access.

GSC Board Game Social

Wednesday, 5:00 pm–7:00 pm
181 & 183 BSB
Nov 20 2023
Event title and details on top with RSVP link: and QR code with crumbled transgender flag in the center and description of event. Cream background with green and red geomatric shapes.

The Politics of Transgender Day of Remembrance

Monday, 12:00 pm–1:30 pm
GSC Flex Space, 183 BSB