Health Care

Beginning in the fall of 2013, CampusCare, the UIC student health insurance plan, includes gender-affirming surgeries.

The Gender Affirmation Surgery Program under UI Health complete gender reassignment is available for both genders. Students considering gender-affirming surgery, please visit this site for more information about how to set up a consultation with surgeons.

This is a list of UI Health doctors actively seeking trans/GNC patients:

Family Medicine:
Evelyn Figueroa, MD
L. Amanda Perry, MD
Emily Hall, MD
Abbas Hyderi, MD MPH
Ariel Leifer, MD
Emelia "Mimi" Arquilla, MD
Jim Swakow, MD
Justine Landi, MD
Anna Fogel, MD

In OB/Gyn:
James Morang, MD
Tamika Alexander, MD
Julie Switzer, MD

In Internal Medicine:
Andrew Trotter, MD
Max Brito, MD (limited to HIV/hepatitis patients)
Stockton Mayer, MD

In Pediatrics:
Karen Bernstein, MD

In Urology:
Ervin Kocjancic, MD