All-Gender Restrooms

Map of all-gender restrooms highlighting the filter menu on the left.

Public Health Issue

For transgender and gender non-conforming people using public bathrooms can be a source of stress and anxiety because of very real psychological and physical safety concerns. People whose appearance does not conform to what is commonly expected for men or women experience stares, questions, comments, verbal harassment, and physical violence when they try to use public bathrooms. Due to these possibilities, transgender and gender non-conforming people sometimes avoid using public bathrooms altogether, which has the potential for health complications, such as dehydration, urinary tract infections, kidney infections, and other kidney problems.

As part of our efforts to provide a safer and more inclusive campus, the GSC provides recommendations and consulting related to all-gender bathrooms.

OSHA Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Workers PDF


List of Single-Stall All-Gender Restrooms at UIC

All-Gender Restrooms Map:
On left side menus area select  "Destination" then select "Health & Safety" then select "All Gender Restrooms."

East Campus:

Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB):
1st floor, west side near Lot 1A (south exit door) Room 127, next to men’s bathroom

Daley Library:
2nd floor, near the south end of the building

Douglas Hall (DH):
1st floor next to women’s restroom

Stevenson Hall (SH):
2nd floor across from women's restroom and near the elevator

Student Recreation Facility (SRF):
1st floor, across from women’s locker room

University Hall (UH):
4th floor, southwest corner near Room 428
11th floor, southeast corner across Room 1131

UIC Forum:
1st floor, southwest side next to women’s bathroom; 2nd floor, west and northwest sides

Women’s Leadership Resource Center (WLRC) / Campus Advocacy Network (CAN):
3rd floor, Taylor Street Building, 1101 West Taylor Street

West Campus:
*Handicap Accessible

Applied Health Sciences Building (AHSB):

College of Medicine East Tower (CMET):

College of Nursing-Chicago Campus:
5th Floor
7th Floor
9th Floor
11th* Floor
Restroom scheduled to be available in August 2019:
Lower Level*

College of Pharmacy:

Disability, Health and Social Policy (DHSP) Building:
207* and Lactation Area
**DHSP signs use words instead of images

Library of the Health and Sciences:

All-Gender signs are available for the UIC campus. To begin the process to replace signage on a single stall gendered bathroom, fill out a standard service request through FM Web indicating the building and room number and that you’d like an All Gender sign. Location of the bathroom determines whether or not this will be a billable request. UIC Facilities Management

For off campus use, many options for All-Gender restroom signs are available from
You can find out more about them here: