Here to Support You

The UIC Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) offers up a list of different resources available to those navigating the LGBTQIA+ community and University support. Below are a list of the resources varying from healthcare, UIC documents and policies, as well as resources for family and friends.

Trans Resource Guide

The GSC Trans Resource Guide is intended to help trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary folks navigate the University of Illinois Chicago campus and surrounding Chicago area resources, both in-person and virtually.

Visit GSC's Trans Resource Guide Web Page

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care

Link to UI Health’s LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care web page featuring inclusive care specialists, resources, and LGBTQ+ patient navigator information.

Visit LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care Web Page

Family Acceptance Movement

The UIC Gender and Sexuality Center’s resources, research, and information for families and friends of LGBTQIA+ students to help further acceptance and support. These resources consist of informational articles, personal stories, and organizations that can provide support.

Visit FAM's Web Page

Inclusion at UIC

A series of resources for LGBTQIA+ students and faculty at UIC to celebrate inclusion on campus and in the community. These consist of the UIC’s Non-Discrimination Policy, Campus Records and IDs, All-Gender Restrooms, as well as available Health Care.

Visit GSC's Inclusion Web Page